About Jen

I was not born with a wooden spoon in my mouth, but I can cook.  I am no chef, but I know my way around a kitchen.  I really enjoy trying new foods, and creating healthy recipes.   It wasn't always this way...

For a long time I was pretty convinced that I hated cooking.  In fact, I've had quite a few discouraging kitchen incidents in my day, some might even call them culinary calamities!  My kitchen cabinets contain more skeletons than canned goods.  I believe that I have only succeeded in learning to cook because I don't take my mistakes too seriously, and I keep an open mind about food.  I started this blog in hopes that if I share my blunders, successes, and hard-earned nutrition knowledge, I just might inspire someone else to attempt their first healthy, homemade meal. 

Here are a few fun facts:

I don't come from a "foodie" family.  Growing up, I spent considerable time in the kitchens of my father, and grandmothers, who knew a thing or two about tasty food and quality ingredients...but nutrition...not so much.  Nonetheless, I wish I had paid more attention!

I was raised by my mother who, as my grandfather puts it, "gets confused in the kitchen."  For a long time I feared this was genetic.  In our home, the oven was used for storage, and potatoes came from a box.  I will likely get an angry phone call for letting these skeletons out, but without my memories of childhood meals (good and bad) I wouldn't be where I am now!  So thank you mom!  

I have spent the past 17 years, and counting, working in the restaurant business, for some very talented and noteworthy chefs.  I absorbed a lot from them.

In hindsight I realize that all of these things have shaped me, and inspired me to realize and nurture my culinary curiosities.

In 2007, an authentic "Ah-ha" moment made me realize my interest in wellness and nutrition, and I began a journey that ultimately led me to a graduate degree in nutrition from Simmons College and some nifty initials after my name. 

I am a recovering picky eater and still occasionally fear big knives.  It took me years to realize that cooking is not rocket science, and that food doesn't need to be taken too seriously to be healthy and delicious.  With a pinch of humility, a dash of determination and a bushel of laughs, I have become an excellent cook, and healthy and mindful eater.  If I pulled all this off, trust me, you too can learn to cook!

Thanks for reading Skeletons In My Kitchen.