Monday, May 4, 2015

Flexibility & Forgiveness

Spring Lasagna with Asparagus & Peas

Each day I remind clients of mine that "great can be the enemy of good." That to reach any goal we must embrace flexibility and forgiveness because like it or not, life is going to happen and mistakes are going to be made.  If you are flexible, and forgive yourself for straying away from your path, you can still reach your goals.  If you are rigid and punish yourself for your less-than-ideal choices you suddenly risk the path disappearing entirely.

I'm taking my own advice for a change!  I lost the path a bit with my cookbook blog project, but rather than give up, I'm just changing the rules and moving on!  I've been cooking, but getting to my computer to blog has been a challenge lately.  I admit, I got a bit frustrated, and felt like I was letting myself down, failing at the task, but then I realized...I could still reach my goal if I just took another path...

I never promised myself that I would write 55 blog posts this year (one from each cookbook I began with) but rather that I would cook 55 recipes and make decisions about whether or not the books got to stay in our collection as I moved through them.  So with this new enlightenment about my project, I'M BACK!!

Book #7: The Heart of the Plate - Mollie Katzen

My mom gave us this cookbook for Christmas a few years ago, and I'm not quite sure I've told her yet how much we love it!  The recipes are fantastic, easy to follow, delicious and pretty healthy overall. The Winter Lasagna recipe quickly became one of all time favorite recipes, and now I think we can add the Spring Lasagne to the list as well!

Mollie Katzen's website is also fantastic, and the recipe I made happens to be featured!


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