Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The First Casualty

It didn't happen quite like I imagined...

I thought all along that the first book I had to get rid of (if there even was one) would come long into the project, when I'd scoured its pages multiple times and couldn't find a single thing that I wanted to cook. I was surprised this week to find another reason to get rid of a book, and it happened much sooner; "because it's just not a good fit."


We hardly ever eat red meat...and I'm a dietitian.  Owning a cookbook dedicated to burgers is kind of, how should I say, not exactly in keeping with a "practice what you preach" kind of lifestyle.   A book of burgers just doesn't make much sense on our shelf.  When, and if, some need arises that calls for us to make burgers at home I feel like some grass fed beef, a meat thermometer and the internet might serve us just fine.

I gave poor Burgers the benefit of the doubt.  I made the turkey burger recipe that looked relatively promising, and relatively healthy.  It was, "Meh." Uninspired to say the least.

I did make a white winter slaw to serve on the side that was quite a win! Big thanks to my friend Diana Cullum-Dugan for posting this recipe from Whole Foods on her Namaste Nutrition blog.

Perhaps a greater carnivore than I will be thrilled to find Burgers on the shelf at Goodwill.  Let us hope so.